Sunday Responsibilities

DateUshersGreetersAcolyteAcolyte AlternateCruciferCrucifer AlternateFlowersSound Team
January 7
Nick Kirsch & Matthew KetchumKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonUsherCommunionCameron (Slides) Nick (Sound)
January 14Pauline Ketchum & Matthew KetchumKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonUsherCynthia PattersonMurphy (Slides) Cameron (Sound)
January 21Cindy Cone & Keith BeamonKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonUsherMary Lynn MassengillKerry (Slides) Dodd (Sound)
January 28Cindy Cone & Keith BeamonKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonUsherMs. Byrd's RosesDodd (Slides) Kerry (Sound)
February 4Larry Rhodes & Danny HoneycuttDeryck Hill & Cole HillUsherCommunionNick (Slides) Murphy (Sound)
February 11Andy Wilson & Christina WilsonPriscilla TempleUsherPauline KetchumCameron (Slides) Nick (Sound)
February 18Dave & Missy FinchAndy & Christina WilsonZoie FinchUsherBrandon MotternRhys FinchPriscilla TempleMurphy (Slides) Cameron (Sound)
February 25Andy & Christina WilsonJean PattersonNina WilliamsUsherMacKenzie SwartzBen McLambJudy HabermanKerry (Slides) Dodd (Sound)
March 4Deryck Hill & Cole HillPriscilla TempleEly FinchUsherRhys FinchTiffany MotternCommunionDodd (Slides) Kerry (Sound)
March 11Dave & Missy FinchScott & Tonya ParkerEthan McLambUsherAnn SmithLance ParkerSue DohertyNick (Slides) Murphy (Sound)
March 18Dodd & Sherri MatthewsNina WilliamsUsherBen McLambMacKenzie SwartzBrenda AllenCameron (Slides) Nick (Sound)
March 25Dodd & Sherri MatthewsWillis & Wanda JohnsonLillian MiznerUsherTiffany MotternRhys FinchHenry OgburnMurphy (Slides) Cameron (Sound)
April 1Larry Rhodes & Danny HoneycuttDodd & Sherri MatthewsZoie FinchUsherAnna SmithLance ParkerCommunionKerry (Slides) Dodd (Sound)
April 8Larry Rhodes & Danny HoneycuttDodd & Sherri MatthewsEthan McLambUsherBrandon MotternRhys FinchWanda JohnsonDodd (Slides) Kerry (Sounds)
April 15Larry Rhodes & Danny HoneycuttDodd & Sherri MatthewsEthan WilliamsUsherLance ParkerAnna SmithLinda & Jim FarmerNick (Slides) Murphy (Sound)
April 22Larry Rhodes & Danny HoneycuttDodd & Sherri MatthewsLillian MiznerUsherMacKenzie SwartzBen McLambDodd & Sherri MatthewsCameron (Slides) Nick (Sound)
April 29Larry Rhodes & Danny HoneycuttDodd & Sherri MatthewsEly FinchUsherRhys FinchTiffany MotternThe Hill FamilyMurphy (Slides) Cameron (Sound)
May 6Pauline & Matt KetchumAshley Wood & Johnny LaneZoie FinchUsherBen McLambMacKenzie SwartzCommunionKerry (Slides) Dodd (Sound)
May 13Deryck Hill & Cole HillScott & Tonya ParkerEthan McLambUsherTiffany MotternRhys FinchKathy & Steve WestbrookDodd (Slides) Kerry (Sound)
May 20Deryck Hill & Cole HillJim & Linda FarmerZack WilliamsUsherBrandon MotternLance ParkerJean PattersonNick (Slides) Murphy (Sound)
May 27Jim & Linda FarmerNina WilliamsUsherLance ParkerAnna SmithLynn KeenCameron (Slides) Nick (Sound)
June 3Nick & Cameron KirschPauline & Matt KetchumLillian Mizner
UsherRhys FinchTiffany MotternCommunionMurphy (Slides) Cameron (Sound)
June 10Nick & Cameron KirschDeryck & Shannon HillNina WilliamsUsherBen McLambLance ParkerJack AustinKerry (Slides) Dodd (Sound)
June 17Nick & Cameron KirschAndy & Christina Wilson
Ely FinchUsherMacKenzie SwartzBen McLambJill & Nick KirschDodd (Slides) Kerry (Sound)
June 24Nick & Cameron KirschAndy & Christina Wilson
Ethan WilliamsUsherTiffany MotternLance ParkerJill & Nick KirschNick (Slides) Murphy (Sound)
July 1Steve Stafford & Pauline KetchumUsherCommunionCameron (Slides) Nick (Sound)
July 8Steve Stafford & Pauline Ketchum
Jean PattersonUsherJean PattersonMurphy (Slides) Cameron (Sound)
July 15UsherLee BarnesKerry (Slides) Dodd (Sound)
July 22UsherAnita StephensonDodd (Slides) Kerry (Sound)
July 29UsherAlbert BrewerNick (Slides) Murphy (Sound)
August 5UsherCommunion
August 12Deryck & Cole HillScott & Tonya ParkerUsherJenny Johnson
August 19Deryck & Cole HillUsherHarvey & Edna Eubanks
August 26Pauline & Matt KetchumUsherLynn Keen
September 2Steve StaffordUsherCommunion
September 9Steve StaffordUsherThe Hill Family
September 16Jean PattersonUsherJean Patterson
September 23Toni & Rufus LangleyUsherThe Mizner Family
September 30Toni & Rufus LangleyUsherLee Barnes
October 7Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerVivian & Glen HatcherUsherCommunion
October 14Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerVivian & Glen HatcherUsherTom & Eleanor Britt
October 21Deryck & Cole HillVivian & Glen HatcherUsherSherri & Dodd Matthews
October 28Deryck & Cole HillVivian & Glen HatcherUsherJill & Nick Kirsch
November 4Danny HoneycuttUsherCommunion
November 11Danny HoneycuttDeryck & Shannon Hill
UsherLewis Parker
November 18Danny HoneycuttUsherLisa Pridgen
November 25Danny HoneycuttUsherLindsey Gardner
December 2Steve StaffordLisa & Elton PridgenUsherCommunion
December 9Steve StaffordLisa & Elton PridgenUsherPoinsettia
December 16Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerLisa & Elton PridgenUsherPoinsettia
December 23Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerLisa & Elton PridgenUsherPoinsettia
December 30Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerLisa & Elton PridgenUsherPoinsettia
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